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November Writing Prompt

Hello friends Here is a new prompt: If you are participating, do not forget to comment below with your blog link. You can share the prompt followed by the blog link. You can publish your entry as your blog entry. “Today when I look back I couldn’t be thankful enough for what my dad gave…
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writing fire

Welcome Writer! Here is your ammunition…ink

writelikepros is a modest effort to help writers’ community grow and thrive. In this section, I will share a writing prompt every week. Prompt for Week 1: I could not believe it. What on the Earth was happening! It was not expected. Never in my wild thought had I ever…  Rules are simple: 1. Use writing…
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Writers are made.

Every time a non writing professional asks me how to become a writer or start writing like a professional, I repeat the first lesson I learnt at my journalism school 15 years ago: Writers are made. As the teacher inscribed these 3 words on the board, there was a buzz in the class and it…
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