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07/06/2017 Blog 0

Every time a non writing professional asks me how to become a writer or start writing like a professional, I repeat the first lesson I learnt at my journalism school 15 years ago:

Writers are made.

As the teacher inscribed these 3 words on the board, there was a buzz in the class and it was divided into two groups. The group that believed they are gifted writers were offended. However, then a non writer like me suddenly received a far greater confidence in my abilities to stay in this industry. The words stayed with me. Yes I believe writers are made and you being an engineer or a teacher doesn’t make you lesser a writer. Till date, I am emotionally attached to each of my article. A writer is as good as his last story. If you write a better story today you are definitely a better writer. All those who want to make a career in writing or write for the sake of the art, should continue doing it. The best writers are the ones who have stories to share. The technique follows with practice.

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